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Prevent Allergies Before They Start
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How AllergyShield™

AllergyShield™ contains a cellulose powder, which when administered into the nose forms a gel-barrier that stops many airborne irritants reaching the sensitive lining of the nose. The product creates a physical shield, providing an extra layer of protection against allergens that are inhaled into the nasal cavity.

Who Is AllergyShield™

Individuals who experience hay fever and who are prone to irritation from airborne allergens such as pollen, dust mites and animal dander. AllergyShield™ is suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women, as well as children over 18 months when used under supervision

How To Use

The AllergyShield™ standard dose is one puff of powder per nostril, three times daily. Each bottle contains 200 sprays, yielding a 30 day supply. For maximum effect, a constant layer of AllergyShield™ protective gel-barrier is necessary in the nose. It is therefore recommended the product be re-administered in the event you blow your nose to refortify a complete protective barrier.


AllergyShield™ contains a patented cellulose powder, which is inhaled into the nostrils providing protection against airborne irritants and germs. The primary ingredient in AllergyShield™ is Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC).

Industry Leading Anti-Allergy Support

  • Prevention

    Prevent & reduce allergy symptoms naturally.

  • Effective

    Effective against: runny nose, congestion, sneezing, itching & watery eyes, Derived from natural ingredients.

  • Drug-free

    Drug-free, non-drowsy alternative to conventional OTC allergy products.

  • Day or Night

    Use as needed day or night.

  • Enhance Breathing

    In addition to blocking allergens, AllergyShield™ can be used to enhance breathing, and prevent congestion in nasal passages.

  • Outdoor

    Hay Fever • Pollen • Ragweed

  • Indoor

    Dust • Dust Mites • Mold

  • Animal

    Pet Dander • Dogs • Cats

Multiple studies have examined and substantiated the benefits AllergyShield™ provides to individuals experiencing allergic rhinitis. These studies verify that methyl-cellulose powder, the primary ingredient in AllergyShield™ acts as a significant deterrent against inhaled allergens, such as pollens.

  • 1

    Clinical review paper; Methyl cellulose powder for the prevention and management of nasal symptoms, Popov T, Aberg N, Emberlin J, Josling P, Llyna NI, Nikitin NP, Church M. Published in Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine 11,11, 885-892 DOI 2017.

  • 2

    Double blind placebo controlled cross over trial of inert cellulose powder, by nasal provocation with grass pollen to assess efficacy of the product in controlling symptoms of hay fever, Emberlin J and Lewis R, Poster presented at European Academy of Allergy and Clinical in 2006.

  • 3

    Effect of micronized cellulose powder on the efficacy of topical oxymetazoline in allergic rhinitis, Valerieva A, Popov T, Staevska M, Kralimarkova T, Petkova E, Valerieva E, Mustakov T, Lazarova T, Dimitrov V and Church MK. Published in Allergy Asthma Proceedings. 2015; 36(1).

  • 4

    A nasally applied cellulose powder in seasonal allergic rhinitis in adults with grass pollen allergy; a double blind placebo controlled study. Aberg, Ospanova, Nikitin, Emberlin and Dahl. Published in International Archives of Allergy and Immunology.2014; 163(1).

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