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ImmuneMist™ is an additive layer of protection for the hand-to-nose-to-mouth cycle of contamination. This is helpul when hand washing is not done properly or frequent washing damages the skin.

ImmuneMist™ helps reduce transmission among family members when physical distancing and isolation are not possible. This is helpful in multigenerational households and for family members that interact frequently with the public.

ImmuneMist™ helps to reduce viral load in the nose and mouth. Emerging science indicates that a reduction in viral loads helps protect you from infection and also risk of transmission to others. Airborne virus particles are very small and can easily bypass common face coverings and masks allowing these virus particles to enter the nose and mouth.

The ImmuneMist™ formulations (Nasal Cleanse and Oral Cleanse) have demonstrated rapid activity against germs in a laboratory setting. The formulas contain ingredients that have been scientifically substantiated to be safe and gentle, yet proven to disrupt viruses from taking hold in your nasal and oral cavity. Laboratory studies document ImmuneMist™ effectively removed foreign particles within 5 seconds of contact.