The Power of IMMUNEMIST™

How We Make Our Products

ImmuneMist™ products begin with the identification of consumer and patient needs. By defining these needs, we then create novel products to provide effective solutions. Our products are made with the finest pharmaceutical grade materials. Manufacturing is conducted under stringent FDA and global quality standards such as: cGMP. All products are tested for quality, and are manufactured in approved FDA facilities. ImmuneMist™ Nasal and Oral Cleanse are manufactured in the United States. AllergyShield™ is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Our Leadership

ImmuneMist™ is dedicated to excellence in respiratory health. Our Leadership Team holds decades of experience in both consumer and pharmaceutical product development. Drawing from industry experience having managed 300+ product innovations from concept to launch across global markets, we marry innovation with entrepreneurial agility to bring breakthrough wellness solutions to our family of customers.