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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ImmuneMist™ are expert formulated Nasal and Oral cleansers to remove inhaled debris from your nose and mouth. This includes inhaled viruses, bacteria and germs. ImmuneMist makes products for wellbeing. The two products are an easy to use Nasal Cleansing Spray and Oral Cleansing Spray. ImmuneMist products clear the nose and mouth to help reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

  • Many upper respiratory infections are caused by viruses. These infections begin with a healthy person inhaling liquid droplets (aerosolized particles) from an infected person's cough or sneeze. Once inside the nose and/or mouth, these viruses incubate for several days (3-5 days) in the nasal mucus and oral saliva reaching into the many millions of viruses. This amount of virus overwhelms the human body's ability to clear the virus from the mucus/saliva. This event significantly increases your chance of infection and transmission to others. ImmuneMist™ products are formulated to safely and effectively cleanse the nose and mouth of viruses giving you a better chance of wellbeing and while reducing the chance of transmission to others.

  • Germs such as bacteria and viruses spread from the nose and the mouth, so you ideally want to reduce these germs as best as possible. ImmuneMist™ recommends that both the Nasal Cleansing and Oral Cleansing spray be used at the same time for best results. ImmuneMist products are easy to use in all settings such as home or in public.

  • Both. ImmuneMist™ offers both inbound and outbound protection. Use if you expect to be in a situation where you can’t properly socially distance, or after you’ve been potentially exposed. Emerging science and clinical studies prove that early intervention can help significantly. Daily use at home is recommended as studies indicate viruses spread among family members within a household.

  • ImmuneMist™ contains safe and gentle ingredients that are effective for removing a variety of germs from your nasal and oral cavities within seconds.

  • Use of ImmuneMist™, in addition to other important measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing, can help reduce virus transmission for hours.

    ImmuneMist™ can be used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for individuals at lower risk of exposure such as working from home. For people that work with the public or go into public spaces, ImmuneMist can be used every 4-6 hours for maximum protection. This means up to 12 sprays per nostril per day and 12 sprays into the mouth per day.

  • ImmuneMist™ was specifically designed to be safe for use in the nose and mouth. Its clinically tested ingredients have been used to remove germs for over a century. Those sensitive to or allergic to the ingredients and children under 6, should not use ImmuneMist unless directed by a physician.

  • We recommend consulting with your physician before using ImmuneMist™.

  • When using ImmuneMist™ in the nose or mouth, you may notice a slight berry taste. ImmuneMist™ is an amber, tea colored liquid which may stain your tissue when blowing your nose. This is normal. There may also be a slight tingling in the nose for several seconds.

  • ImmuneMist™ was developed by two American scientists with more than 70 years of consumer and pharmaceutical experience. ImmuneMist™ is regulated by the United States FDA under the established Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.